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    Within the most materialistic field, we emerge as passionate individuals who thrive to build a retail empire with love, genuineness, and determination.

  • A little About Our Background

    The company started in the year 2009, by AlHammad Holding, when it acquired the franchise of the two Spanish brands: Hoss Intropia and Rosa Clara.

    In the year 2010, RP merged with Shumou who had the franchise of Loewe, Lui Jo, and Petite Bateau. Towards the end of 2011, a new CEO was appointed to Retail Projects setting up a new strategy. As a result; Loewe, Lui Jo, and Petite Bateau were sold to other retailers. The company became focused on all aspects. It identified its target market and what brands they are yearning for.

    Retail Projects then accepted the challenge of procuring the right locations, as it is quite difficult in Saudi due to the low number of applicable malls. This all would not have been feasible if RP did not have the right team from the beginning. And so the journey started!

  • Who We are?

    We are entrepreneurs. We operate in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and are expanding to more Gulf countries.

    Our passion is the key behind our short term but clearly identifiable success. We do not compromise when it comes to opting what brands to acquire. Our deep understanding of our market’s requirements, in addition to our ability to attract the most passionate talents and empower them to take part in elevating the retail domain in Saudi is the lifeblood of our company. This dual value – passion/willpower – is highly significant to our company. It is the groundwork of all our successful endeavors.

    The power of our acquired brands is the core of our identity. Our brands are an asset that is both precious and irreplaceable. They also enjoy exceptional reputation. This would not amount to much, and could not be sustained in the market where we operate, if was not backed by our extreme passion in delivering the brands’ values and standards.

    Without this aura, this extra dimension that somewhat defies logic, Retail Projects would not posses a distinguishable identity.

    For this reason, we exercise stringent control over every minute detail of the brands we acquire in the region. We also ensure that each of our brand’s public communication fundamentals (locations, collection buying, visual merchandising, ambiance, customer service, etc.), it is imperative that the brand is the one that speaks.

    We are entrepreneurs even when it comes to managing the brands we hold. A skillful brand manager is dedicated to each one of our brands, which fosters efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

    This entrepreneurial spirit requires a healthy dose of common sense from managers as well as hard work, pragmatism, efficiency, and the ability to motivate people in the pursuit of ambitious goals.

    Finally and most importantly is our aspiration to be the best and the most genuine. In each brand, our team strives to always improve, never be complacent, constantly tries to develop its skills and the quality of work, and comes up with innovative ideas for more achievements.

    This spirit, this thirst for improvement, is what we wholeheartedly encourage among all of our associates.

    Our Values

    • Honesty


    • Hard Work

      Hard Work

    • Ambition


    • People Growth

      People Growth

    • Shared Success

      Shared Success

    • Confidence


    • Respect


    • Love


    • Loyalty


    • Fun


    • Future


    • Adventure


    • Discovery


    • Courage


    • Company Growth

      Company Growth

  • Our Philosophy

    “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Portfolio

    Since our first duty was to concentrate on our target market’s desires, we reaped the benefits of our cherry-picked brands almost immediately.

    Curiosity and strong beliefs to confront that niche led us to a less travelled retail route. A challenge that we eagerly accepted, and in no time found that our path is shaping up and lighting more and more with every brand obtained.

    Our Brands

    • Wolford
    • Hoss Intropia
    • 7 For All Mankind
    • Marie Chantal
    • Jill Sander Navy

  • Wolford

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo Da Vinci

    About the brand

    The sustainable positioning of Wolford as a global brand in the segment of affordable luxury covering all areas of finest textiles that embrace the female body, for the most possible embellishment of its natural silhouette is something that women celebrate. Wolford always corresponds to the core brand values of perfect quality, easy care, recognizable comfort through distinctive touch and feel as well as impeccable fit, which makes Wolford’s products feel like second skin.

  • Hoss Intropia

    “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” -Edgar Degas

    About the brand

    Feminine, different, versatile, colorful, optimistic, fun, special, dreamy and elegant all describe the Hoss Intropia designs. Each woman is unique; that is the philosophy of Hoss Intropia. There is not just one ideal woman. Each is special and how she dresses speaks of her.

  • 7 for all mankind

    “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

    About the brand

    7FAM was the first company to truly bring premium denim to scale and have successfully changed the landscape of denim forever. The brand grew to fame in no small part because it became an instant favorite among Hollywood’s elite.

  • Opening Soon

    • 7 For All Mankind – Riyadh, AlFaisaliya Mall: branch 2
    • Hoss Intropia – Riyadh, AlFaisaliya Mall: branch 2
    • Jil Sander Navy – Riyadh, AlFaisaliya Mall: Main branch
    • 7 For All Mankind – Jeddah, Main branch
    • Hoss Intropia – Jeddah, Main branch
    • Wolford – Jeddah, Main branch
    • Jil Sander Navy – Jeddah, Main branch
  • Recent Openings

    • 7 For All Mankind – Red Sea Mall - Gate - 1 – Jeddah
  • Press Releases

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  • Store's Directory

    “The road to whatever your heart desires is never long."

  • Store Name




    Hoss Intropia


    Olaya – Olaya road - building number 36 next to Alfaleh Sports & in front of Alaqariya


    Hoss Intropia


    AlFaisaliya Mall – 1st Floor


    Hoss Intropia


    Aldahran Mall – gate # 13


    7 For All Mankind


    Red Sea Mall – Gate-1


    7 For All Mankind


    AlFaisaliya Mall – 1st Floor


    7 For All Mankind


    City Center - 1st floor




    AlFaisaliya Mall - ground floor


    Jil Sander Navy


    AlFaisaliya Mall – 1st Floor


  • Drop Us a Line

    Retail Projects | A Boutique of Brands

    Tel: +966 11 216 0988
  • Jil Sander Navy

    “There will always be a desire for something new, fresh, and innovative, as well as a yearning and respect for timeless elegance and beauty." - Helena Christensen

    About the brand

    JS Navy’s style is pure, essential, and innovative. It is the perfect combination of elegant femininity and true comfort. This brand is dedicated to a modern contemporary consumer, who is self confident, educated, well-traveled, and forward thinking. The brand offers Ready to wear, footwear, and bags & accessories. Retail Projects has opened JS Navy’s 1st Middle East store during December 2014 in AlFaisaliya Mall, Riyadh.

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    Working with us is like working with your friends. Our culture is based on the spirit of togetherness, enthusiasm and fun. And we’re always looking for people who share our positive attitude and values.

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  • Marie Chantal

    About the brand

    Coming Soon